Waseb is an initiative of independent volunteers committed to culture and development of Saraiki region of Pakistan.

Saraiki language and region

Saraiki is one of the most widely spoken languages in Pakistan and the first language of about 20 million people in the Subcontinent. It has rich culture and is the representative language of the Indus Valley Civilization.

According to official statistics (published by the CIA Factbook on Pakistan) the following is the ethnic composition of Pakistan: Punjabi 44.68%, Pashtun (Pathan) 15.42%, Sindhi 14.1%, Sariaki 8.38%, Muhajirs 7.57%, Balochi 3.57%, other 6.28%. There are, however, certain important definitional issues with the current census (e.g., the way Saraiki is treated as a part or dialect of Punjabi).

The main Saraiki speaking areas in the Punjab province are Multan, Bahawalpur, Dera Ghazi Khan and some parts of Sargodha division. Saraiki is also spoken widely in Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Dera Ismail Khan) and Balochistan provinces of Pakistan. It has many sweet dialects and is considered as the language of love.

A significant number of Saraiki people also reside in India, with most concentrated in the state of Punjab, Maharashtra and Gujarat. The Saraikis maintain that they have a separate language and culture, but their language is often viewed as a dialect of Sindhi or Punjabi. While the majority of Saraikis follow Islam, a few also follow Hinduism and Sikhism.


There are three colours in the Waseb logo denoting three key features of the region:

1. Blue colour represents water, highlighting the fact that the Indus River has an integral relationship with the Waseb region and the Saraiki people. The colour also denotes the peaceful and reconciliatory nature of the Saraiki people.

2. Yellow colour represents soil including desert which is a key feature of the Waseb. The colour also denotes the fact that the area is rich in mineral resources and solar energy.

3. Green colour represents agriculture which is the mainstay of the Waseb’s economy. The colour also represents the affiliation of the people of this region with the Sufi  tradition of Islam.

Contact email: waseb.info@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/waseb.org/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHhB0kwFV5oLF9SAvqim7IQ


  1. salam, i am very happay to see this website. i am also a saraiki and want to do some work on this language. this site help me very much but i want to do more. will you me?

  2. I m very happy to see this site.inshallah we go to progress ……………..inshallah
    allah help our saraiki wasaib

  3. Dear Saraeki Brothers !
    I am a researcher, I am conducting a research regarding Conflict Management Styles. I recognize Saraeki as a separate nation (Qaum) from punjabis. I request you all my dear Saraeki Brother give your feed back to my research on line survey. So that I will be able to prove that Saraeki as a nation behave separably than pnajabis.
    Link to survey is

  4. slam to all saraiki brotherz…..
    i am a agrarian & we are runing a setup of saraiki students fedration in islamabad….we are so happy to see this site which thinks about the development of saraiki waseb…..if u need our assistance in any sort of problem than we are volentarilly present…….

  5. What is reason for not including Kashmor (Sindh) and saraiki areas of Balochistan in the map of proposed Suba Saraikistan (as given at this website)?

  6. seraiki naslo….tumhara khuwab kabhi pura nahi hoga..na banega seraikistan or na tootay ga pakistan….pakistan zindabaad….

  7. Meku fakhar ye ta main Saraiki yan.
    Saraikistan zror thahsee.
    Mazhar Zardari froM nawabshah Sindh.

  8. I want u become a part of SWDO as a volentir .in my city karampur district vehari.

  9. Hope you’re fine & enjoying good health, I’m sending you my new research “John Henry Prince of Wales, only child of John and Emily who died on 1906

  10. Yes saraiki region has its own tradition, culture and civilization and history it is not combination of any languages.

  11. MashaAllah .keep it up .Proud to be saraiki .Collect and upload books.keep the record that how many books are written in saraiki .

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