Historical Background of Saraiki Language – Maqbool Hassan Gilani

peopThis paper explores the origin of Siraiki language and its evolution from Ariyan to Muslims rule. It talks about different theories of Siraiki language. It reveals that Siraiki language borrowed linguistic items from Arabic and Persian. The main purpose of this paper is to discuss the developmental phases of Siraiki language in Siraiki areas and the influence of the rulers who brought significant changes in Siraiki language. It gives a comprehensive detail of the etymology of word Siraiki. In the wake of Ariyan’s arrival it was called Seen Dab and Warchada. However, it changed gradually from Saveras to Siraiki.
This panoramic information about the history of Siraiki language would be of great benefit for all language scholars. In the earlier times, initially the great civilization has been setting along the banks of the rivers. The ancient man settled at the places which had water, forest and fertility. The Indus Valley was very fertile. It lacked nothing. The great Indus Valley was thriving between the two rivers. One of them was The Indus River and other was Harkra or Ghagra. It was the second largest river chain of Indus Valley. These two rivers were the lord of the civilization at that time.



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