Jirga for including Rajanpur, DG Khan in Balochistan – by Hasnain Qaisrani

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DERA GHAZI KHAN: A Jirga comprising intellectuals and social and political figures has demanded that the Baloch-dominated Rajanpur and Dera Ghazi Khan should either be included in Balochistan or be made an independent province, Koh-e-Suleman, to end backwardness in the area.

An organisation, the Baloch Sangat Qaumi Tehreek, was established to motivate the Baloch population for the inclusion of the two districts in Balochistan. The Jirga was held at the residence of Mir Abdul Rehman Khan Buzdar on Thursday night and was attended by representatives of Baloch tribes, including Buzdar, Qaisrani, Leghari, Mazari, Chakrani, Dostlani, Hadiyani, Ghulamani, Hamlani and other leading tribes.

The Jirga unanimously adopted a resolution against the Seraiki province. It also established a six-member committee comprising Mir Abdul Rehman Buzdar, Jamal Khan Leghari, Dr Abdul Rehman Leghari, Dr Iqbal Habibullah Buzdar and Ghulam Qasim Mujahid Baloch to suggest a name for the party. The Jirga announced that the Baloch tribes would continue their struggle against the tribal chiefs and feudal lords, who were demanding the Seraiki province and ignored the southern Punjab in terms of development.

The Balochistan National Party district president, Kaka Buzdar, said that majority of schools in the tribal areas were dysfunctional and students were unable to study while feudal lords were totally ignoring the issue.

Ghulam Qasim Mujahid Baloch said that the rulers were exploiting the rights of common people and tribesmen. Allah Bakhash Buzdar, Rab Nawaz Leghari, Safdar Buzdar, Iqbal Khan Leghari, Nazeer Khan and other tribal dignitaries attended the Jirga.

Allah Bakhash Buzdar, advocate, an eminent historian and intellectual, said that Dera Ghazi Khan and Rajanpur had been the part of Balochistan historically, culturally and socially as over 90 per cent population in both semi-tribal districts belonged to various Baloch tribes, being on the tail-end of the Punjab, felt a sense of deprivation.

He said that thousands of people belonging to the ignored districts were serving in various departments of Balochistan after job opportunities were not provided to them in the Punjab. He alleged that tribal heads were only protecting their personal interests and had no concern with the masses. He declared the government-sponsored feudal system the root cause of the backwardness and said that the forum would properly serve the purpose against the powerful feudal and tribal chiefs. It was also decided that meetings of the Baloch Sangat would be held in both districts regularly.

Source: The News, May 03, 2010




  2. we would like to go wih BALOCHISTAN.Actually demand of SARAIKI PROVINCE is consipiracy against demand of RAJANPUR DGK in Balochistan.

  3. Dera gazi khan historicaly is a part of balochistan ,it is the balochistan of noori naseer khan ,i hate the feudel lord and m belong to B.S.O Azad .being a baloch we have to say that d g k should b included in balochistan, i hate siriki people they r also the panjabis thy r ruling on baloches. Azdad balochistan zinda bad .B.L.A tara salam.

  4. we need saraiki soba but the designed map of sraiki soba is totally wrong.we want only 3 division like d.g khan bahawalpur and multan including bhakhar mianwali d.i khan and khushab only, no more.

  5. we need to included in a balochistan we r a baloch ,Dera gazi khan historicaly is a part of balochistan we would like to go wih BALOCHISTAN RAJANPUR DGK in Balochistan.
    hum baloch hai and huma balochistan ma ana chay na ka huma saraiki soba chaya .


      insan ashraful makhlukat he…kya baluch ya saraiki insan nahi?
      kya ye apnay aap ko janwar samjatay hen?.

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  8. I think those Balouch of D.G.Khan which wants Saraikistan I think are not the real son of a Balouch father,their father must be a Saraike. We are Balouch and will remain Balouch forever and our mother land is Balouchistan not the shit Sarakistan.You have no idea when Balouchistan will become free,you will see.it will be the most rich country in this region. Its papulation is very small but its resources are in aboundance. Pakistan’s papulation is round about 18 Caror and its total industry is runing on Balouch wealth,think when we will get our indepandance we need no more to go in gulf and do the diry works of Arabs. Please atleast first think why you want to be part of Sarakistan.

  9. It is a fact and part of history that Dera Ghazi khah,Rajanpur and Jacababad were the part of Balochistan.Pakistani govenament deprived these districts from balochistan to divide the baloch’s national power into many parts.now a days new drama of saratki province is played which is another insulting role with baloch national cause.we are not saratki we are baloch and 90percent papulation of these districts are balochs therefore we are included in balochistan.

  10. Bahawalpur Division was the State of Bahawalpur, which had a history of 228 years of rule by the Abbasi Nawabs. The State, which was formed in 1727, ended in 1955 and the whole area of the State was made a division of Punjab Province. Bahawalpur region since last 300 years has faced a common historical experience. The people of Bahawalpur region are facing similar problems; these include underdevelopment, economic and political deprivations. The general masses feel that their region is being exploited and they are not being provided their due shares. These shared problems have brought the people of Bahawalpur region closer to each other towards the demand for a separate province for Bahawalpur region which has always been geographically distinct. Ever since the establishment of the State, Bahawalpur region has had an independent and separate identity. This region is being represented by 15 MNA’s in National Assembly and 31 MPA’s in the Punjab Assembly.

    Even though area wise it has been the largest division of Punjab yet it is also one of the most backward region. The region remains underdeveloped, in nearly all fields. Bahawalpur as a State merged in 1955 and along with it was the end of the Abbasi Nawab’s rule, but even today all the Nawab’s are remembered by the people. This includes all sections of people, the leaders, ordinary masses, the educated all and sundry. The Nawabs are an important feature of the Bahawalpur region. People love and respect them as a symbol of their glorious past

    The people of Bahawalpur have not forgotten the Nawabs, the family of Nawab is still highly respected in the region. Nawab Salahud-Din Abbasi the grand son of the last Nawab is one of the most important and the most respected political figure in the region. He has all the public support. The people still give him the same respect, which was given to the Nawabs.
    The Saraiki Suba Movement does not have many roots in Bahawalpur region. Not even once in all the elections, has any candidate of the Saraiki Party ever won a single seat in Bahawalpur, rather they always lost very badly in the elections.
    It is not a popular movement in Bahawalpur region. The majority in Bahawalpur region still favours Bahawalpur Province upon Saraiki Province. The people feel that by supporting the creation of Saraiki Province they will be foregoing the demand for Bahawalpur Province. The other feeling toward Saraiki Province is that Multan will be the centre of power and the capital of Saraiki Province and the domination of other areas over Bahawalpur region will remain as such.

    On 30th April, 1951 the Pakistan Government and the Ruler of Bahawalpur entered into an important agreement which put the State on the same footing as provinces under the Government of India Act of 1935 in the matter of legislation and administration.” The agreement technically described as the Supplementary Instrument of Accession, was signed by Ameer Sadiq Mohammad –V and was accepted by the Governor General of Pakistan Khawaja Nazim-ud-Din. Under the agreement the Ruler of Bahawalpur agreed to transfer to the Central Government all subjects mentioned in list one of the Government of India Act (1935) called central subjects i.e. defence, communications and foreign affairs administered by the centre. All subjects covered by list two of the Government of India Act, called provincial subjects, would continue to be administered by the State. Both the Federal and the State legislature in respect of subjects mentioned in the Concurrent List but the Federal Legislature will have precedence over the State legislature should there occur a conflict between the two.

    It is a historic fact that before One Unit Bahawalpur had a provincial status, and Bahawalpur merged with a status of a province with West Pakistan at the time of One Unit. But when One Unit was broken on 30th March, 1970 Bahawalpur was made a part of Punjab Province. Even though at the time of merger, an understanding was given to the Ameer of Bahawalpur that whenever One Unit will be broken, Bahawalpur will be restored as a separate Province. This is from where the Bahawalpur Province Movement begins.

    “Another grievance is that Bahawalpur’s prosperity mainly depended on the waters of River Sultej, which was given to India in the Indus Water Treaty, this adversely affected the economy of the region”. Earlier in Bahawalpur State judiciary and executive were separate, which also ended at time of One Unit. The State had its own legislature Assembly, Secretariat, High Court, Accountant General and Public Service Commission.

    With the announcement of Pakistan government in March 1970 that One Unit is broken up into provinces of Punjab, Baluchistan, NWFP and Sindh. Bahawalpur was inducted into Punjab Province.This decision led to great resentment from all sections in Bahawalpur. All over Bahawalpur began processions, protests and meetings negating the Governments decision to amalgamate Bahawalpur in Punjab. By end of March activists starting courting arrests.

    On 24 April 1970 the police opened fire on a procession killing two persons and wounding many. Many protesters were arrested. Five processions were taken out in the Bahawalpur city to press the demand for separate provincial status for Bahawalpur. The processionists started brick-bating the police, upon this the police opened fire. The local administration called in the Army and curfew was imposed. Various political leaders were arrested, amongst them were Seth Ubaidur Rehman, Maulana Ghulam Mustafa, Altaf Qureshi, Allama Arshad, Syed Ahmad Nawaz Shah Gardezi. Begum Tahira Masood, was expelled from Bahawalpur for a period of one month. Movement for Bahawalpur Province .

    For the restoration of Bahawalpur province, the women of the region also played an active role under the leadership of Tahira Masood, daughter of Mian Nizam ud Din, ex-Prime Minister of Bahawalpur. This was the first time that the women broke away the centuries old traditions and came out on roads. They would hold meetings and take out procession draped in white chaddars.

    “All this suppressed emotion was expressed in the elections of 1970. Most seats went to the sympathizers of the Mahaz, whether they stood as independents or as candidates of a political party”. At the time of general elections of 1970, when the movement for a separate province of Bahawalpur was at its peak, the candidates who supported the cause received 80% votes. Out of total of 10 Lakh 30 thousand votes, 7 lakh 14 thousand votes went to the supporters of Bahawalpur Province Movement. The candidates who were not supporting this movement altogether received only 1 lakh votes. Once elected the leaders of Mahaz did not pursue the case of Bahawalpur forcefully, but they did issue declarations in support of a separate province, letters were addressed to Yahya Khan and Z.A. Bhutto. After 1971 when Pakistan lost East Pakistan, many in the Mahaz felt that it was unsuitable to pressurize for their demand at this time and along with it the Mahaz lost its unity and effectiveness.
    If serious thoughts and steps are not adopted for the uplift of the region then the politics of regionalism in this region may become a very serious issue. The majority of masses of the region aspire for a separate province for Bahawalpur region, this strong feeling may turn into a political movement, if the grievances of the region are not seriously looked upon. Movement for Bahawalpur Province
    Presently on 14-04-2011, Ameer of Bahawalpur, Nawab Salah ud Din Abbasi alongwith Muhammad Ali Durrani and Syed Ahmed Mehmood have started campaign for the restoration of Bahawalpur Province

  11. was bahawlpur with no medical school engineering college a heaven. Was not punjab the place all who wanted to better themselve headed . You have no water or gas or coal or mineral. Industrial and bussiness culture is limted and few tax payers as no industry or worth while nature . How is making it into province improve prospects for poor. I do wish them well though if such a thing is possible

  12. Fuck u all people….try to bear some body …kahan hy Aj Mir chakr aor kahan hy aj Nawab Abasi…sb ky mohn (Mouth) ko matti ny fill kia hy aor aik din tum bhi…..Try to live for humanity because it is a great success for all…

  13. I am From Multan And I am Lashari Baluch our Language is saraiki i want saraiki province but d,g,khan and rajanpur are not saraiki area this is a baluch area and also dera ismail khan so these areas are for baluchistan Muzafargarh is also 70% saraiki Baluch area

  14. we are not against saraikistan…but please dont include “THE BALOCH ARES” D.G.KHAN and RAJANPUR in ur saraikistan….RAJANPUR AND D.G.KHAN were the parts of BALOCHISTAN and INSHALLAH will again become part of their GREAT MOTHER LAND “BALOCHISTAN”….

  15. RAJANPUR AUR D.G.KHAN ……BALOCHISTAN BALOCHISTAN………hum BALOCHON KI LASHON PER SE GUZAR KAR he tum rajanpur aur d.g.khan ko saraikistan me shamil kar sakte ho……JIYE BALOCH QOM ,….JIYE BALOCHISTAN

  16. We want Dera Ghazi khan, Rajanpur, and then Kashmore, Jacobabad to be part of Biluchistan.
    We don,t want to be part of Saraikistan.
    We don,t want to fall Under Saraiki/Jagdal waseb.

  17. mera nam rana sardar ali from jam pur mera mesage ha ka punjab ki takseem ka drama band kiya jaya kiunka hum sab punjabi hain sirf lehja main fark hain jo hain (majhi.potohari,multani.dhani)ye sab punjabi ka lehja hain aur pakistan main sirf 5 zabani hain punjabi.pusto.blochi.sindhi.kasmari. baki sab drama lehja kabhi zaban nahi ho sakta.pakistan zinda bad .punjab zindabad.(jag punjabi jag)

  18. Hahahaha it amaze to see how people can conveniently ignore facts. First. DG Khan and Rajanpur became part of Punjab After SIr. Jamal Laghari sold out to english masters And so did Mazari Sardars. Therefore to claim after one hundred years that it’d to become part of Balochistan, Its ridiculous. Second, If these people are so sincire with baloch people, Why dont they talk about nationalizing the land in Naseerabad & Jaffarbad, And huge tracts of lands of baloch sardars in sindh to be nationalized and distributed to landless tenants? What about that? And for ignorant people who want to be in balochistan, it’ll love to see them being butchered by high land baloch because they think DGKhan N rajanpur are mixed breed mongrels not pure baloch!

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