Seraiki Wasaib and Provincial Autonomy – by Ijaz Baloch

Seraikis are strategically placed in the very heart of Pakistan. Over fifty million strong Seraikis can not be over looked or neglected if Pakistan is to prosper and go ahead with comity of Nations.

Pakistan has four federating units i.e. Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan and N.W.F.P. Sindhis Balochs and Pukhtoons have been complaining of their exploitations by Punjabi and Muhajir establishment rightly, in the same way, Seraikis being an administrative part of Punjab are also being subjugated and suppressed a by their Punjabi rulers.

But the case of Seraiki nation is different one. Seraikis can not live without Pakistan, as they have no home outside Pakistan. Unlike Seraikis; Pukhtoon, Baloch and Punjabis, have large segments of their brothers across border and they do not accept this divide. Although Seraikis did not take active part in creation of Pakistan and suffered much economically and culturally, they accepted Pakistan wholeheartedly. Seraiki identity and their empowerment are most necessary for integrity of Pakistan. And at the same place Pakistan’s integrity is a matter of life and death for Seraikis.

Seraiki language and culture is the true inheritor of Indus Valley Civilization and should think about historical interpretation of Pakistan, rather than”so callsd Nazria-e-of Pakistan”. Seraikis have there compact homeland in Pakistan regardless of provincial boundaries. Punjabis are minority in their Punjab excluding Seraikis and Pothowaris: and in same way Pukhtoos in Sarhad excludes Seraikis/Hindkoons Chitralis, Kohistanis and Gojars. Sindhis and Balochs have also genuine problems of national deprivations.

Our Pujabi brothers fully exploited the natural resources of Seraiki Wasaib;i.e. its land and agriculture produce. Seraikis have lower literacy rate comparing upper Punjab. They have negligible representation in government services. Poverty line is higher than the upper Punjab. Same is the plight of Seraikis living in “NWFP”. Pujabi brothers are now “kind enough” to call us Janubi Punjab, curtailing Seraiki Wasaib to few districts in south of Punjab. Seraikis should out rightly condemn this misleading term.

In the present geo-political scenario Pukhtoons are considering Pukhtoon National Alliance including religious and nationalist parties and also claiming Seraiki areas of Mianwali and Dera Ismail Khan.
Punjabis, although enjoying most advantages, their hearts are beating with Bhangra of Indian Punjab. There intellectuals are dreaming of Greater Punjab of Rajeet Singh.

“Seraiki Sooba Ghin ke Rahsoon” the slogan of our so called political parties! “Ghinno” be content with term of “Janubi Punjab” by Choudhris of Punjab. Beware of this conspiracy of dividing Seraiki Wasaib. Sorrow fully some Seraiki politicians in South are accepting this misleading term.

All roads to integrity of prosperous and strong Pakistan pass through empowerment of Seraiki Wasaib.


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  1. […] The author may care to spare a few moments in reviewing and understanding the geographical proximity (see the above map) and size of the population (more than 25 million) of all Saraiki areas (in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab and other provinces) and then comment if the Saraiki waseb does or does not meet the characteristics of a province? How far will our mainstream journalist go to ignore the Saraiki culture and identity and the Saraikis’ demand for provincial autonomy? […]

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